What do you get when you become a Franchisee of
SpellBee International?

Salient Features of Business Association– BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

Associate With Our World Class Organisation

SpellBee International is opening its doors for Franchisees in its revolutionary language development mission among school students and teachers!
The educational research organisation, that has partnered with 2500+ schools and certified 6,60,000+ students in the last 10 years, is looking for individuals who have the time and dedication to expand and develop business by taking the programme to regions across India and abroad. Join hands for a stable, long-term career with minimum investment and sustainable returns. This unique association model grants you the freedom to travel, explore the world or pursue your other interests, and also gives you adequate time to spend with your loved ones.

What is
SpellBee International ?

SpellBee International is an educational research organisation which is currently serving around 1000+ schools across India and Sri Lanka through its English Language development products and has certified around a million students  in the past 10 years.

The Vision is to make Language Learning a joyous process and thereby help students learn complex subjects in a simple way.

Set-up cost

There is no infrastructure setup cost involved as you can function very well without an actual physical infrastructure too. Yes, that means zero installation cost!
Your style of working will determine the need for a space. A small workspace at your home or elsewhere will do too. Thus, having a physical setup is not a mandatory requirement.

Area Exclusivity

You will have a clearly demarcated area (district/region/pincode/location) to work in. This area of operation can be arrived after mutual consensus based on your preferences and the availability of the preferred regions. Having area exclusivity gives you the right to approach schools and grow your business in your allocated region(s) only.

Flagship Products and Clients

You can market all of the following SpellBee International’s Flagship Products and Programmes:

Other Products:

1. Certificate Programme on Phraseology (5999 INR) – for Grade 1 to 12 students and Teachers/Educators
2. Certificate Programme on Morphology and Etymology (5999 INR) – for Grade 1 to 12 students and Teachers/Educators
3. Certificate Programme on Speech Sounds of English (5999 INR) – for Grade 1 to 12 students and Teachers/Educators

Upcoming Products:

1. Language Development Tools – 60,000 INR to 6,00,000 INR- for classrooms, language labs, etc.
2. SpellBee Grandmaster with TCS iON learning platform and Tablet –
1,50,000 INR – for an individual student to complete all 4 Levels of 9 grades

Potential Franchisees – Whom are we looking for?

You can be ANYBODY!

You may be…
A.   A corporate professional who wants a break from a tiring job
B.   A person on off-shore assignments who is looking to return to family with a sustainable career
C.   An individual who wishes to invest and support his/her family member who has the time to work
D.   A mother who has taken a career break
E.  A young graduate who is looking to start a career

We are not insisting on any educational qualifications. Nevertheless, he/she should have good interpersonal skills, basic MSOffice knowledge, communication skills to interact with the school management.

Guidance and Support

Your sincerity and commitment will outweigh your skills. We shall help you build your skills. You will be mentored and guided towards your business success in terms of Academics, Operations, Market and Return-on-Investment. We provide you initial and periodic training in the following ways:

1. SpellBee International’s Mission, Vision, Products and Programmes
2. Working in Language Development Industry – Awareness Training
3. Sales Training for maximum 2 people per Franchisee
4. Access to one SpellBee Intense Programme to understand our content pattern and forte
(of any Grade, by you/any member in your family – worth Rs. 6, 000)
5. Entrepreneurship Training for maximum 2 people per Franchisee
6. Personal Growth Training (Health, Fitness, Finance Management, Prosperity, Happiness and Spirituality) – OPTIONAL – for maximum 2 people per Franchisee

As you earn, you can also learn with us! We will be with you every step of the way in your journey to help you succeed, as your success IS our success.

Partnership Fee

Rs. 6,00,000 in total:
• Rs.3,00,000 – towards FRANCHISEE FEE (non-refundable)
• Rs.2,00,000 – towards SECURITY DEPOSIT (interest-free, refundable deposit)
• Rs.1,00,000- towards PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS + year-long guidance + coaching

An annual licence fee of 60,000 INR is applicable from the second year onwards.  


Break-even can be achieved in the first academic year itself!

The average expected income will be to the tune of 6,00,000 to 12,00,000 INR per annum per Franchisee region in the first year. The business and income generated will cumulatively increase year after year.

In the journey of establishing the brand in your region, you are not alone. SpellBee International is a well-established brand and we are the preferred language development partner for Schools and Parents. Active work and co-ordination in the first 4-5 months of the academic year will automatically lead to year-long sustainable returns. A good rapport with the school leadership will also guarantee continued business with the Schools.

The detailed R-O-I plan will be shared upon your submission of Expression of Interest Form.

Thank you for showing interest towards taking up the Franchisee of SpellBee International.

Details regarding investment and returns will be discussed once you provide your details in the Google form, link given below, so we can contact you and officially invite you to an Exclusive Connect with the Management of SpellBee International to take it further.

Looking forward to a Progressive Association,
SpellBee International